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About Us

The entrance to the nursery
Our garden
Our house play area
Our garden
Our main play area

Popcorn Nursery began operating in 1991 as an enjoyable and exciting environment that promoted children's development. The founder set out to create a setting with the goal of providing an environment that was as comforting and secure for anxious parents as it was for the children, with a reasonable price and a belief in the educational value of play in a child's development, this was the beginning of Popcorn Nursery.

The nursery then had it own transition in 1996, when we moved to our current location of Bourneside Sports Ground and haven’t looked back since.

Surrounded by woodlands and greenery, it is the perfect environment for encouraging children to reach their potential and to build their independence through fun activities and experiences alongside other children.

The nursery is situated within a short walk from Southgate Underground station, is local to many transport links as well as having our own car park, there are multiple options available to reach us. Directions can be found on the Location section of our website.

At Popcorn, we set out to encourage, challenge and motivate our children to push beyond expectations and we hope to provide them with the foundations and the tools for them to be best prepared to take on primary school and to flourish. We encourage the children’s independence, building their confidence in tackling activities and tasks in their own way and promoting the children to be confident enough to try something themselves but also confident enough to recognise when they may need help.

We offer a variety of sessions, with government funding also accepted where eligible. Please click the following link to find our registration form which details the sessions we offer, the pricings and other information about the nursery. Click here.

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